2010 – 2011
The Create Place is a social enterprise managed by St Margaret’s House, the community charity in which they are housed. They are a not-for-profit organisation and committed to supporting the local community. Every penny profit they make goes directly back into the project to provide subsidised spaces and support our programme of free drop in sessions.

Their aim is simple: to bring local artists, craft enthusiasts, designers, makers and complete beginners together under one roof to share ideas, learn, teach and be inspired to create. Offering a combination of workshops, open studio time, informal clubs and drop in sessions as well as being on hand to offer advice.

The Create Place is a self sustaining non profit venture that runs independently of any government support or other regular source of funding. We have worked hard to develop a diverse programme of activities for our workshop, aiming to be inclusive of all ages, income and abilities.

In 2010 I was lucky enough to become involved in this incredible project, spending the following year working as the Workshop Co-ordinator to develop the project, secure community involvement as well as ensuring the project made its mark within its locality and beyond.

In January of 2010 I was given the opportunity to begin a project at SIFA Fireside – a charity working with individuals that have been socially excluded, are homeless, and suffering from various addictions.

Through the project (Going places…), myself and my partner (Emma Jane Aries) worked to develop the service users self esteem through exploring various creative disciplines and engaging in social behaviours.

As a voluntary artist educator at SIFA Fireside I was working with Homeless and the socially excluded. My role included planning each workshop, promoting the project and curating an exhibition at the end of the project.

Throughout 2009 I worked in collaboration with the Metnal Health In Reach Team (MHIRT) at HMP Woodhill to develop an arts programme for inmates who were over 50 and/or disabled. My role for this project was to coordinate with departments within the prison, as well as to plan and develop the workshop programme.


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  2. I am a sifa fireside user and friend of William West. We made a sci-fi feature film that is 80 minutes long and is about a superhero who helps and protects the homeless whilst fighting a strange axis of extremists British/Saudi military robots.

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