Seething Wells; bringing the community together through a combination of real and false histories.

The Craft Inn; an excuse to meet new people and dabble in a bit of craft


The Craftivist Collective: a group of craft activites. Organisers of 2013’s #imapiece project.

Crochet Time: Keen crocheter and Yarn Bomber based in South West London

Charities of the month:

Sifa Fireside changing the lives of the homeless and socially excluded.

The U-turn project, work with vulnerable women in East London to get their lives ‘back on track’

Significant Seams is a craft organisation that tackles social issues within the community.

The Fashion and Textile Children’s Trust works to support the children of those struggling in the fashion and textile industries.





Alice Kettle, textile artist creating beautiful embroidery works.

Walter Kershaw, an inspiring public mural painter.

Francoise Dupre, crossing over the disciplines of sculpture, crafts and design.

Jess Lewin, freelance illustrator currently living and working in London.

Chris Tye, Songwritter and Musician.

Adam Trevor, Graphic Designer.


Yarn Bombing a new more engaging and creative form of Grafitti.



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