The next two Explorations of Seething / Surbiton 2013

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Prepare yourself for the Suburban Skiing experience!

The Villagers of Seething ask you to bring with you an Urban Cowbell. What is an Urban Cowbell I hear you all ask?

Well; luckily enough I am here to answer your questions and take you through the making of this strange and wonderful musical instrument; step-bystep!

The Urban Cowbell takes used tin cans and unwanted utensils and turns them into instrments of splendor.

So how do you make an Urban Cowbell?

Step 1: Take an ordinary used tin can (Ring pulls are best as they are less sharp!)

Step 2: Drill two holes in the top of the can and add some string (or anything else that will form a handle that you have to hand)

Step 3: Take an unwanted Utensil, hit the tin can with the unwanted utensil et voila!

The villagers of Seething are very much looking forward to seeing you all with your Urban Cowbells this Sunday from 11am at the base of St Marks Hill in Surbiton.

If you would like top ski, you can still register by emailing