It’s Movember!

So why not join in with the fun by making your very own Edwardian Style Moustache at the next Craft Inn?

Monday 5th November at The Lamb Surbiton* 7:30pm onwards.

*73 Brighton Road, Surbiton, KT6 5NF

If you don’t fancy making one you could always buy a pre made one in my Folksy shop. (More items coming soon)


The Endangered Snail of Mount Seething – a call for help

Legend has it that there once was a grand mount within the borough of Seething. In times yonder the mount was reduced to nothing more than a small rock, that today lies within the Square of St Andrews, in Modern day Surbiton. The mount was once the habitat for a wonderful and slimy creature – The Snail of Mount Seething. This creature until recently was thought of as lost forever; when a young woman on her daily constitution discovered, the one and only remain example of the creature.

I am now inviting you to help to increase the numbers of this dwindling but very special creature. How? By joining the Seething Wildlife Alliance at The Craft Inn*.

*The ‘meeting’ will be held at The Lamb, 73 Brighton Road KT6 5LK (please click this link for further location information) at 7:30pm on Monday 6th August 2012.

A gift to Lefi

ImageMonday’s child has lefi’s face,
Tuesday’s child falls into place,
Wednesday’s child has sardine woe,
Thursday’s child Seething wont outgrow,
Friday’s child is up the mount screaming,
Saturday’s child lives well in seething,
And a child that’s born on that special day
Takes their joys in the seething way.

You can find out more about the brilliant community spirit of Seething by following this link.

Or why not come along to The Craft Inn on August 6th to experience the kidnest of Seething for your self?!

A post Craft Inn gift to you all

On the craftinn(g) menu at Monday’s Craft Inn was a Pimm’s O’clock cross stitch; designed with the Wimbledon Tennis competition in mind by me and processed through myphotostitch. As a thank you to all who atteneded and to give those that could’nt make it an idea of the type of thing we got upto, I have uploaded the pattern for this cross stitch by following this link.*

I hope you enjoy! x

*(This link will be active until the 16th July 2012)