Halloween Make; Steam Punk (Avitator Costume)

So it is that time of year again, HALLOWEEN! This week I will be giving you a few hints and tips to make your weekend and costume the absolute bomb!

First off lets start with some Steam Punk – although you and everyone else that watched the Paralympic opening/closing ceremonies will have seen all the re-worked industrial Victoriana going around, not everyone will know how fun Steampunk is to make and how awesome it can look!

So just for you is an idea to take and mold to what ever bits of ‘junk’ you have lying around. It is an invitation to get your creative side out!

Check out this super cute kid in his hand-made Steam Punk Aviator costume. All it has taken is some a little ingenuity! If you click on his image you can find out exactly how he made his outfit.

Once you have made it (or anyother) and you are stuck for somewhere great to go, why not check out these two events happening this weekend in SOuth West London. Friday 26th Halloween 6 at The Lamb in Surbiton and Sunday 28th Seething Halloween Walk. See you all there!