#imapiece @ The Craft Inn 4th Feb 2013

#imapiece is a project from The Craftivist Collective which is supporting Save the Children’s campaign to give every child a life free from hunger. I am very happy to announce the The Craft Inn will be running an #imapiece event on Monday 4th Feb at The Lamb in Surbiton from 7pm.

We live in a world with enough food for everyone, yet hunger remains the biggest underlying cause of child deaths. Every hour of every single day, 260 children die because they can’t get enough to eat. For millions more hunger is a life sentence– causing devastating and irreversible damage.

This year, we have a historic opportunity to change this.

We want the Prime Minister to use his G8 presidency this year to push world leaders to invest in nutrition interventions that will save millions of lives.

Jigsaw hi res hands

As part of the #imapiece project I’ve joined hundreds of other members of the craft community who care deeply about injustices facing children around the world. Crafters all over the UK are creating jigsaw pieces stitched with their messages about injustice to show the Prime Minister that we want him to take action on hunger this year.

Do your bit towards ending world hunger and show how you are a piece of the Puzzle. On the 17th and 18th June 2013 the UK will be hosting the G8 summit. Save The Children and The Craftivist Collective are inviting people from all over the UK to design and make a puzzle piece that will show their passion and support of for and of projects that aim to solve world hunger.

How can you become involved? On February 4th 2013, The Craft Inn will be holding a #imapiece event. Templates for the puzzle pieces and ideas of what to do will be provided, as well as a wide range of materials to use to design and make your piece. Your puzzle piece will then be sent off and become apart of a large installation that will be displayed at the G8 summit, to be seen by world leaders and dignitaries, proving that the people of the UK are supportive of any positive moves that can be made in the plight to end world hunger.

The event will take place at the Lamb in Surbiton on Monday 4th February, and will commence at 7:30pm continuing until around 10:30.

We can be the generation to end hunger. The #imapiece project aims to show that we can all be part of the solution and craft lovers can use their talents and hobbies to do just that.

You can find further information about the project by visiting the #imapiece website: http://imapiece.craftivist-collective.com/



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