Wrap up London – a project from the charity Hands on London

Image As the days draw in and the season brings the colder wather in, Hands on London are asking for those who can to donate an un-wanted coat o help keep someone warm this winter.

The coats will be directly donated to a number of shelters for the homeless, cntres for the elderly, youth groups,. community centres and women and children’s refuge across London.
I will be collecting any un-wanted coats to be donated from 7:30pm this evening at the Lamb Surbiton. Any coat will be greatly appreciated; esspecially coats for children. I wil then be donating these coats tomorrow.

If you are unable to donate this way you can drop your coat at any of the following London Stations between 7am and 11am on Wednesday 7th, Thursday 8th and Friday 9th November:

  • London Bridge Station
  • London Paddington Station
  • London Victoria Station
  • Charing Cross Station
  • Liverpool Street Station
  • London WAterloo Station
  • Kings Cross Station
  • Canary Wharf Station.

Anything that you can donate will be greatly appreciated.

You can find out more about Hands on London by following this link.

Hands on Londonis a registered Charity. Charity No. 1140291

Thank you.


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