The Seething Halloween Walk

And yet again the State of Seething brings us another wonderful event!

On Sunday 28th October we welcomed families frm in and around South West London to join us on our annual Halloween Walk. An air of terrifyingly good fun was drawn upon the streets as Surbiton as the infamous Mr Smoke led the prossession.
Children and adults alike were mesmerised by the wonderinfly alluring tree of screaming apples and were amazed by the wisdom of the talking tree.

This is the event in pictures.



Take with you Halloween bugs.

The other day whilst searching for a few ideas for Halloween kids workshops I came across these little critters. They would be great to occupy the kids over the weekend – and even better they would be a perfect accompaniment to the Seething Halloween Walk (if you are in the Surbiton area that is)!

All you need to make them is;

  • Orange and Green wool
  • Black Craft Foam
  • Two googly eyes – you can buy these from any craft  / arts / kids shop
  • 1/2″ green pompom (try to match with the colour of the wool) – you can buy these from any craft / arts / kids shop
  • 5″ square of cardboard –
  • Glue and a clothes peg
  • A pair of scissors.

And here is your how-to guide:

Make two pompoms from the orange and green wool. First the Green and then the orange.

You make a pompom by wrapping the wool around the 5″ square of card. You need to wrap the wool around the card at least 100 times so you have a thick layer of wool! Once you have done this take 6″ of your wool and use this to capture your wrapped wool.(See diagram below) Tie off and cut trough the layers of wool. You can now remove your piece of card to use again – pat down the fluffy wool ball so it looks more like a mop.

Repeat the above process again but with the following changes. Taking the orange wool begin to wrap as before around the 5″ square of card, wrap the orange wool around 50 times then as before, take 6″ of your wool and use this to capture your wrapped wool. Tie off and cut trough the layers of wool. You can now remove your piece of card to use again – pat down the fluffy wool ball so it looks more like a mop.

Now take the black craft foam and cut out one pair of feet – you can use the image below as a template if you would like.

Then cut (using the below template) your witches hat.

Glue the two long sides of the cone together. Use the clothes peg to keep the material together as the glue dries.
Once the glue has dried add the cone to the circular base shape.

Attach the foam feet to your bug. The best way to do this is with a needle and thread – giving your Halloween creature spooky dangly legs.

Finally glue on your googly eyes and tiny pompom nose.

Et Voila.



Halloween Make; Steam Punk (Avitator Costume)

So it is that time of year again, HALLOWEEN! This week I will be giving you a few hints and tips to make your weekend and costume the absolute bomb!

First off lets start with some Steam Punk – although you and everyone else that watched the Paralympic opening/closing ceremonies will have seen all the re-worked industrial Victoriana going around, not everyone will know how fun Steampunk is to make and how awesome it can look!

So just for you is an idea to take and mold to what ever bits of ‘junk’ you have lying around. It is an invitation to get your creative side out!

Check out this super cute kid in his hand-made Steam Punk Aviator costume. All it has taken is some a little ingenuity! If you click on his image you can find out exactly how he made his outfit.

Once you have made it (or anyother) and you are stuck for somewhere great to go, why not check out these two events happening this weekend in SOuth West London. Friday 26th Halloween 6 at The Lamb in Surbiton and Sunday 28th Seething Halloween Walk. See you all there!

A short community message from the state of Seething.

The State of Seething cordially invites you to become a part of the Halloween walk on Sunday 28th October from 5pm – 6:15pm (or there-a-bout)
Those who join in will share in the delights of all things Seething, a large dose of family friendly community spirit. As always ALL ARE WELCOME.
The Seething Halloween Walk is hailed as an hour (and a bit) of fun and Halloween mayhem.
Fancy dress is encouraged! Get on your scariest clothes (or come as a fairy, princess, cowboy or whatever you want).

The walk will start outside The Lamb public house in Surbiton and parade down to St Andrews Square where there will be talking trees, jacket potatoes and lots of laughs.

All welcome – this is a family event!

Prepare yourself for the Suburban Skiing experience!

The Villagers of Seething ask you to bring with you an Urban Cowbell. What is an Urban Cowbell I hear you all ask?

Well; luckily enough I am here to answer your questions and take you through the making of this strange and wonderful musical instrument; step-bystep!

The Urban Cowbell takes used tin cans and unwanted utensils and turns them into instrments of splendor.

So how do you make an Urban Cowbell?

Step 1: Take an ordinary used tin can (Ring pulls are best as they are less sharp!)

Step 2: Drill two holes in the top of the can and add some string (or anything else that will form a handle that you have to hand)

Step 3: Take an unwanted Utensil, hit the tin can with the unwanted utensil et voila!

The villagers of Seething are very much looking forward to seeing you all with your Urban Cowbells this Sunday from 11am at the base of St Marks Hill in Surbiton.

If you would like top ski, you can still register by emailing