The Seething Trycyclingathon and why cyclinging is so important to Seething(ites)

An area surrounded by intrigue and legend; Seething has been aligned with many an ingenious first through its recent history. The discovery of Lay lines running under the Lamb  public house and centre of the community; word of the sardines and how their population was saved, as well as many tales of cheese. Here, I will indulge your intrigue a little more.

There has been a tale and much discussion passing through Seething of late, focusing on the making and development of the bicycle. Many moons ago, brothers Ray and Lee Ryder discovered the speed of which one could travel using a wheel of cheese. Theastonished brothers took their discovery a stage further conjoing two cheese ‘wheels’ together with bread sticks and embarking on numerous ‘hikes’. Further to this the brothers started a business  they named Ray Lee Hikes and hither the discussion and most poinient question lies.

The already heated debate was fueled earlier this year with the discovery in Claremont Gardens (Surbiton) of what appears to be the remians of an ancient spoke. Could it be that the first ‘bicycle’ was created in Seething?

On September 16th 2012 the community and researchers of Seething will be conducting the first annual Seething Trycyclingathon to celebrate the amazing links within the bourough to cycling. There will be three cycling routes throughout the area for your enjoyment. You can register to cycle and raise money for a charity of your choice by following this link.


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