The Endangered Snail of Mount Seething – a call for help

Legend has it that there once was a grand mount within the borough of Seething. In times yonder the mount was reduced to nothing more than a small rock, that today lies within the Square of St Andrews, in Modern day Surbiton. The mount was once the habitat for a wonderful and slimy creature – The Snail of Mount Seething. This creature until recently was thought of as lost forever; when a young woman on her daily constitution discovered, the one and only remain example of the creature.

I am now inviting you to help to increase the numbers of this dwindling but very special creature. How? By joining the Seething Wildlife Alliance at The Craft Inn*.

*The ‘meeting’ will be held at The Lamb, 73 Brighton Road KT6 5LK (please click this link for further location information) at 7:30pm on Monday 6th August 2012.


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