We all learn through trial and error


During the last Craft Inn I noticed that some of you struggled to completely understand the instructions. Since then I have been working tirelessly to improve there accessibility.

Please do continue to give me your feedback, it is always listened to and very much appreciated. You can do this directly by visiting The Craft Inn Facebook page.


A gift to Lefi

ImageMonday’s child has lefi’s face,
Tuesday’s child falls into place,
Wednesday’s child has sardine woe,
Thursday’s child Seething wont outgrow,
Friday’s child is up the mount screaming,
Saturday’s child lives well in seething,
And a child that’s born on that special day
Takes their joys in the seething way.

You can find out more about the brilliant community spirit of Seething by following this link.

Or why not come along to The Craft Inn on August 6th to experience the kidnest of Seething for your self?!

Dress a girl around the world

Image taken during Dress a Girl Artound teh World event at The Create Place, Bethnal Green (June 2011)

Last year I came acorss an amazing event run by Hope 4 Women International Dress a Girl Around the World. The event is the perfect opportunity to get people of all ages and skills to come together (something that if you have been reading you will know I am more than a little passionate about) with the outcome being to dress a girl around the world.

The event works through a network of people delivering newly made dresses from around the world to girls and children in need of clothing.

Something that many of us forget in the ‘developed’ world, is that clothing is not just a treat or way of making a statement it is, indeed, a necessity. In many areas of the world girls and young children are going about their daily life without suitable clothing and this can, has and will lead to (amongst other things) sexual abuse. By taking some time to get together, a sewing machine and a few easily affordable materials you can stop this from happening.

You can download the pattern for the pillow case dress and discover other ways in which you can help by following this link.

In the forthcoming months I will be running a dress a girl event in my local area – Kingston-upon-thames. If you are in the area or would like to see what this is all about first hand you can do so by following me on twitter or through this blog.

If you would like to run your own dress a girl around the world event it is easy to do so, or get involved in any other way; you can find all the information you need, including how to get in touch with the charity, how to donate your dresses and hear all about why this project is so important by visiting the Dress a Girl Around the World website


A post Craft Inn gift to you all

On the craftinn(g) menu at Monday’s Craft Inn was a Pimm’s O’clock cross stitch; designed with the Wimbledon Tennis competition in mind by me and processed through myphotostitch. As a thank you to all who atteneded and to give those that could’nt make it an idea of the type of thing we got upto, I have uploaded the pattern for this cross stitch by following this link.*

I hope you enjoy! x

*(This link will be active until the 16th July 2012)