The finalised Craft Inn, craftinn(g) menu

Finger Puppet Lefi & Ball boy finger puppet – craftinn(g) level; easy (**)

Mount Seething Cross Stitch and Pimm’s o’clock Cross Stitch – craftinn(g) level; moderately difficult (knowledge of reading cross stitch patterns is necessary (***)

Seething Welcomes you cardcraftinn(g) level; easy (*)

Brooche packs inclusive of Mount Seething, a Strawberry, a Summertime Pint Glass and a Tennis Ball – craftinn(g) level easy. (**)

I am really looking forward to seeing all of you on the 2nd from 7:30 at The Lamb, 73 Brighton Road, Surbiton – only 15minutes from Waterloo station!!!

(*) £1.50 secondary pack price, (**) £2.50 secondary pack price, (***) £3.50 Secondary pack price

Don’t forget, a free glass of something bubbly is on me!!!


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