The finalised Craft Inn, craftinn(g) menu

Finger Puppet Lefi & Ball boy finger puppet – craftinn(g) level; easy (**)

Mount Seething Cross Stitch and Pimm’s o’clock Cross Stitch – craftinn(g) level; moderately difficult (knowledge of reading cross stitch patterns is necessary (***)

Seething Welcomes you cardcraftinn(g) level; easy (*)

Brooche packs inclusive of Mount Seething, a Strawberry, a Summertime Pint Glass and a Tennis Ball – craftinn(g) level easy. (**)

I am really looking forward to seeing all of you on the 2nd from 7:30 at The Lamb, 73 Brighton Road, Surbiton – only 15minutes from Waterloo station!!!

(*) £1.50 secondary pack price, (**) £2.50 secondary pack price, (***) £3.50 Secondary pack price

Don’t forget, a free glass of something bubbly is on me!!!


The Craft Inn…what exactly is it?

Over the past weeks and weekends I have had many requests to enlighten you all about The Craft Inn.

The Craft Inn is a chance for friends to come together, to drink, converse and make. Each event consists of four different crafts for you to partake in. You will be given craft menu at the start of the event and from there you can choose your craft. Each Craft pack contains detailed instructions as well as all the materials necessary to complete the pack (if you pack need scissors, glue, needles or thread you can find these on the Craft Inn table).

Here is sneaky peak at one of the craft projects (design only – images of completed packs to follow shortly) you can take up during the forthcoming event on July 2nd.

For the event on July 2nd you will be given a choice of the following craft packs.

Finger Puppet Lefi & tennis playing finger puppet

Mount Seething Cross Stitch and Pimm’s o’clock Cross Stitch

Seething Welcomes you card & What the Deuce card

and last but not least the Brooche packs inclusive of Lefi Ganderson, Mount Seething, a Strawberry, a Summertime Pint Glass and a Tennis Ball.

Intrigued? Why not join us on July 2nd at The Lamb 73 Brighton Road  Surbiton, Surrey KT6 5NF for the very reasonable sum of £5 (price includes your first craft pack and a sip of something bubbly, all following craft packs are priced between £1.50 and £3)

My newest venture…

I am pleased to announce my newest crafting venture. From Monday 2nd July (7:30 till late) I will be running a monthly crafting event or CRAFT INN at The Lamb in Surbiton (KT6).

THE CRAFT INN is a chance to join in the joys of making with friends.  You will be given the choice of four craft packs to complete whilst in the rather quirky surrounding of the loveliest pub in Surbiton. Each craft pack comes with instructions and is easily accessible to all regardless of skill, age or ability – and of course I will be on hand to help if you get stuck! All for the small sum of £5 (price includes your first craft pack, (packs after this a charged at £2.50) my time and the wonderfully friendly surroundings of The Lamb).

Keep your eyes peeled for a sneaky peak at the craft packs and further information about THE CRAFT INN.