Pink does not exist – an exhibition in a flat

Image courtesy of Flat C London 2012

An invite was sent via facebook for the private view of Pink does not exist curated and conceived by the occupier of Flat C in Stoke Newington. To attend all had to RSVP, the exact location of the exhibition space would only be given to those following the rules.
On the evening of the event I find myself walking down a road I have never been with a slight feeling of wariness in anticipation. On route to the home of someone I have never met. A thought not dissimilar to an amalgamation of Horror films.
I arrive and buzz for flat C. A friendly voice answers and all my fears are momentarily diffused. Upon entry I am asked to sign a liability waver and informed of the dangerous health and safety violations exhibited by artist Ben Woodeson.The artworks on display were a mix of all things – Photography, Film, Painting, and of course those dangerous installations. All fitting in so well to this north London flat that you struggled to work out which were the exhibited pieces and which were apart of the everyday living space of the occupying curator. But wasn’t that the point? Wasn’t this exhibition an experiment into how we experience such events?

If you would like to see the exhibition Pink Does Not Exist email; to make your reservation.

Artists: Ross Sutherland, Freddy Tuppen, Trevor Kiernander, Catherine Hyland, Henrietta Williams, Nick Love, Ben Woddeson, Gregory Sale


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