The lovely Catherine of Significant Seams shares her thoughts on the appearance of a new Banksy in North London.

Significant Seams

New Banksy with Bunting In Wood Green High Road | Londonist.

I LOVE THIS for “sew” many reasons.

The romantic charm of a garden swathed in bunting is never pictured with plastic union jacks. The adorable bunting made by Wood Street area kids this week and last in the first of our free Jubilympic bunting workshops is so very different from the grim realities of a sweatshop. I think part of why I love this Banksy image so much is that you can see the earnestness of childhood in the child’s posture. You can feel he feels he’s doing something celebratory and important. And Yet you wonder, why is he barefoot? Why is he on his knees? Alone? Why a pound land? Oh – right. He’s unlikely to be at the party. He’s earnest, but he’s not proud.

Yesterday I witnessed a beautiful pride in a very small boy…

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