Moral exclusion – is there such a thing?

Recently I have become increasingly aware of the ‘Moral exclusion’ that some people receive. I find it heart breaking. Namely the homeless – as we are all aware are excluded from society due to the life they are forced or have chosen to lead. However over the  few days I have noticed an increasing number of people, that are deemed to be worthy of our society – whether that be due to money, the way the dress, or the way the hold them selves – not only ignoring these human beings that are seen by the majority as not worthy but treating them with less respect than they would an animal.

This morning on my way into work. A man who was less well dressed than the majority of the commuters boarded the train. As soon as he stepped into the carriage most turned their heads away – embarrassed perhaps of their views or maybe because they felt threatened. The individual that angered me the most was a man wearing a Blue Jumper and carrying a look of ‘Mr Incredible’. This man jumped out his seat and decided to stand as soon as the other ‘less worthy’ man sat on the bank of chairs opposite him. Why I ask can we not treat others as we wish to be treated? One day – and I do not wish this on ‘Mr Incredible’, or any other person – we may be faced with the same life struggles as the ‘less worthy’ passenger.

It is not a big ask, just treat people as if they are human beings, we are all the same species and should be respected and treated as such. Please think of others on this gloriously sunny day!!


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