Contemporary ‘feminine’ craft & the exploration of modern political and social issues

Francoise Dupre

During my degree I was given the opportunity to workshop with Brixton based artist Francoise Dupre. Francoise is an artist I greatly admire. Her work focusses on the the feminne crafts of crochet and other textile based methods. Francoise has developed and subverted many of these traditional crafts for her own means. The works displayed below were created in collaboration with various international women’s groups. The work directly below was developed in Back to Basics Somali Arts and Crafts – a group based in Islington – London – and lead by the inspirational Rakhia Ismail. Incorporating the traditional Somali craft of basket weaving and the traditional French textile craft of French Knitting the work successfully brings two different cultures together, questioning cultural boundaries celebrating two traditionally feminine crafts, and the  traditional role of women in the home and else where.

Francoise Dupre and Back to Basics (Somali Arts and Crafts)

Below you can view another work of Francoise Dupre. This created for the touring exhibition Autres Mer or Other Seas. This touring exhibition grew and developed as it explored the countries and cities of Europe and beyond. Inclusively but not exclusively including a work developed over an eight week residency in Bosnia.

Francoise Dupre, Autre Mers

“While I have continued to maintain and develop a studio/gallery-based practice, I have also developed a practice that has evolved and brought together concerns about site specificity, engagement with and response to situations and contexts and exchanges/ collaboration with individuals and communities.”

Francoise Dupre, Artist Statement, Axis online


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