The legacy of Peter Dent ctd…

I received a letter from my great-aunt yesterday which enlightened me in regards to Peter’s character, family life, and later works.

“Born on August 16th he was a Leo – so could be quite fiery in character: self opinionated certainly, but also extremely kind and compassionate…”

Peter went on to work with Mural artist Walter Kershaw in Manchester. Completing various projects including; “Inside-out house” in Rochdale commissioned by BBC 2 in 1975, The Manchester United Murals 1986 – 1988, and the Avro and Bae aircraft murals at Woodford Aerodrome in Cheshire 1983. “He really was brilliant at anything and everything he did, which does not always lead to a happy and successful life…”

From this information I am now searching, and writing to many affiliations of Peter to gather more information, on him and his works including, family friends and colleagues.

The further I delve the more excited I become about the journey that I am beginning.



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